Luke & Helen

Longtime Waiheke residents, we met working the hospitality game on Waiheke, coming from opposite sides of the world, Luke from Sumner, Christchurch and Helen from Snowdonia, North Wales.

Having worked and managed many bars, restaurants and Wedding venues on the island, we started our own business the same year as we married, 2007, when we launched Charlie Farleys, with our friends Peter and Tanya, (who incidentally run the nearby Onetangi Beach Apartments).

We discovered a real love of delivering a quality, unpretentious and relaxed environment, and realised that “hospitality” just came naturally and didn't really feel too much like work.
With the huge support of locals and tourists alike, our business took off and 6 years later, with considerable experience and knowledge of the local industry under our belt, we decided to move on to the Wedding and conference market and launch The Venue.

Along came our daughter, Arianwen, with a little brother, Billy, hot on her heels, which meant that looking after Weddings and Conferences as opposed to a bar and restaurant fitted nicely with our family life.

While it’s generally Helen that takes care of Weddings, and Luke the Conferences, we enjoy both equally and can honestly say that we love what we do, and feel so lucky and grateful to be doing it in paradise.